"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"


Barking Industrial Park was established on the site that was once occupied by the Magnavox Record Company. The site was acquired by Messrs Sullivan and Rough in 1979 who set about selling the original floor plan as smaller Industrial Units. As a consequence of this it was agreed that the estate needed to be managed, hence the establishment of Colvia Management Company Ltd;

Colvia holds the freehold lease and all the units within the site are sold under a 999 year lease agreement. The main lease has stood up to scrutiny in 3 major court cases, the latest resulted in the current car parking scheme being introduced that has significantly helped to ease the congestion on the estate.

The estate has provided a cottage type industry over the last 30 years and has 89 units providing a diverse range of services, including Engineering, MOT Services, Shop Front Fitters, Window and Construction Services, Car Body Repairers, to name but a few.

These businesses provide employment for approx. 300 people which, in turn, helps to support the local infrastructure.

There is a car park with approximately 200 car parking spaces and a café that caters for most tastes.

Colvia Management Company Limited celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 1st of November 2009.

The Articles and Memorandum was signed on the 4th October 1979 and Colvia Management Company Limited was incorporated as a company with Companies House on the 1st of November 1979.

The current Committee of Directors are Chairman:

Mr. Mick Carter.

Vice Chairman: Mr. John Bull.

Secretary; Mr. Roy Westhorp.

Finance Director: Mr. Scott Hanson.

and 6 Committee Members: Mr. Mick Alloway, Mr. Gurvir Atkar, Mr. Satvinder Nandhra, Mr. Hardev Sira, Mr. Gary Tivey,Mr. Con Wholey.

The Site Manager is Mr. Ian Dancey.