Complaints Policy & Procedure




At Colvia Management Co. Ltd., our aim is to get it right first time. However we recognise that we sometimes fail to resolve problems to your satisfaction. We have therefore established a complaints policy which describes our approach to complaints and a procedure that ensures that your concerns are fully and formally addressed.


At Colvia Management Co. Ltd. we are always trying to improve the services we provide and we welcome feedback on all aspects of our work. We wish to encourage complaints from our shareholders who are dissatisfied with our services or responses and to learn from them to help us provide a better service in the future. We will aim to respond promptly, courteously and effectively to any problems or issues you wish to bring to our attention and put things right swiftly and if we have made a mistake or if our judgement was at fault, apologise.

  1. 3.    DEFINITIONS

We welcome feedback from all of our Shareholders, including tenants, employees, members of the public and contractors working on behalf of Colvia Management Co. Ltd.

Colvia Management Co. Ltd.’s definition of an Informal Complaint is:

An initial expression of dissatisfaction with a service they have received/not received from Colvia Management Co. Ltd. It is expected that, in most instances, informal complaints will be dealt with and resolved at a local level by the Site Manager.

Colvia Management Co. Ltd.’s definition of a Formal Complaint is:

Dissatisfaction with a service received/not received from Colvia Management Co. Ltd., expressed in writing, on the telephone, by e-mail or in person who, having first raised the matter informally, would like the matter to be treated as a formal complaint.

  1. 4.    OBJECTIVES

Colvia Management Co. Ltd. has set the following objectives:

  • We will actively encourage your comments and suggestions and use them as a tool to improve our services.
  • We will aim to resolve complaints quickly and, where possible, informally.
  • We will investigate your complaint fully.
  • We will communicate in plain language and in a format that meets your particular needs (e.g. alternative language, audio tape)
  • We will keep you informed throughout the complaints process.
  • We will monitor and review all complaints that we receive and ensure that we have implemented any learning points.


This section sets out the procedures which will be followed when a complaint is received by Colvia Management Co. Ltd. The definitions of an informal complaint and a formal complaint are set out in our complaints policy which should be read in conjunction with this procedure.

Sorting things out quickly and informally where possible

If you wish to raise an issue or a concern we would encourage you to contact the Site Manager in the first instance and he will do his best to put the matter right quickly. Often this will be all that is needed to rectify the problem.

However, you can make a formal complaint should you need to take the matter further.  This may be because you are dissatisfied with the action already taken, or because you are unhappy with the way in which the issue that you raised has been dealt with.

How to make a Formal Complaint

  • If you would like to make a formal complaint, please contact a Member of the Board by writing or e-mailing the circumstances causing the complaint.
  • If you have not discussed your complaint with the Site Manager or an appropriate Member of the Board, we may ask you to do so first – unless your complaint relates specifically to them.
  • If you choose not to contact the Site Manager, your formal complaint will be re-directed to a Member of the Board or the Chairman of the Board as appropriate.
  • We believe that the Site Manager should be able to investigate and try to clear the matter up, before involving others.

We reserve the right to refuse to deal with a complaint, or to deal with it differently, if it is pursued unreasonably or the circumstances otherwise merit it. If we do refuse to deal with it or decide to deal with it differently, we will explain why.

Stage 1Formal Complaint

  • Your complaint will be logged by the Site Manager on the day it is received. All timescales start from this point.
  • We will acknowledge your complaint, in writing, within 3 working days.
  • The Site Manager is responsible for ensuring that your complaint is fully investigated and dealt with, at Stage 1 of the formal complaints procedure.
  • Your complaint will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting (usually the last Wednesday of every month)
  • We will aim to respond to you fully following the meeting, within 5 working days, usually in writing.
  • If more time is needed to investigate your complaint fully we will tell you when you can expect to receive a response.


Stage 2 – Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive at Stage 1 of the formal Complaints Procedure, you should forward your complaint in writing or by email to the Chairman of the Board, within 20 working days of your receipt of the response, to request that your complaint be considered at the next stage, Stage 2.

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 3 working days.
  • You will be given the opportunity to add written comments of your own to the original response to your complaint, which will be considered.
  • The Chairman of the Board will examine the background to the appeal.
  • Your Appeal will be considered by the Chairman of the Board, who will make written comments and any recommendations on behalf of Colvia Management Co. Ltd., on the report for consideration.
  • We will contact you to arrange a meeting to hear your appeal, should this prove necessary.
  • Should new and significant evidence arise in the course of proceedings, your complaint may require re-investigation prior to a new appeal meeting.
  • You should receive a formal written reply within 15 working days from the date of receipt of your Appeal.

Within Colvia Management Co. Ltd., the decision of the Chairman of the Board is final.

Although we will not be able to take anonymous complaints through the full Complaints Procedure, they will be taken seriously and investigated where the circumstances merit it.