Compactor Policy & Procedure


  • The Compactor will be open for use between the hours of 10h00 (10am) and 16h00 (4pm) Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays.
  • All Units get one free swipe every week. These can not be accrued.
  • All monies will be collected with the quarterly service charges.
  • No rubbish/rubble to be put at the Compactor outside of these hours. Businesses that do leave their rubbish at the Compactor will be charged a service fee of £25.00.
  • All items that are put in the Compactor needs to be cut to a size that will fit through the grill covering the hopper.
    • No metal, pallets or cardboard to be left at the Compactor.
    • There is a skip for cardboard next to the lft of the gas compound opposite Unit 6
    • There is an area for pallets (re-usable or broken) to be stacked next to the cardboard skip against the fence.
  • Businesses that get their rubbish taken away by the Site Cleaner will have to give their swipe cards to the Site Cleaner.
  • Cards (or when defective cards are replaced) are issued free but a replacement charge of £25.00 applies to all lost Swipe Cards.
  • Cost per use is £3.00 per swipe.


  • To switch off in an emergency, press red button or press down on the trip bar.
  • Switch selector must be on ‘auto’ before card is swiped.
  • Swipe card and press green start button (you have 15 seconds to push the button) and compactor push blade will move back.
  • Press down on trip bar when compactor is in fully open position and load hopper.
  • When all rubble/rubbish has been loaded, swipe card and press green start button (you have 15 seconds to push the button).
  • {Swiping twice to open and close the hopper in this manner will be charged as one use}
    • Compactor push blade will operate for two cycles. Ensure it stops in closed position.
    • All rubble/rubbish must fit through hopper grill without having to be forced.
    • Bumpers and other long items must be cut to ensure optimum compact ratio and to prevent these from sticking out higher than the compactor blade as these items are likely to snap and cause serious injury.