BIP Parking Policy


  • Any vehicle/s found parked on the estate that are not in a rental bay with a valid permit clearly and visibly displayed between 22h00 and 05h00 will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).
  • Any vehicles on the Estate which are parked on any double yellow lines or on any cross hatched area at any time of the day will be issued with a PCN.
  • Any vehicle(s) on the Estate which are identified to UKPC, by a duly authorised officer of the Company, as abandoned will be issued with a PCN.
  • Allocated parking bays are rented at £360.00 (exclusive of VAT) for an annual space and £100.00 (exclusive of VAT) for a quarterly space.
  • Any vehicle or vehicles on the Estate which are parked in allocated parking bays without clearly and visibly displaying a valid permit will be issued with a PCN.
  • A Temporary Parking Area consisting of 9 bays are available next to Units 71/72 for rental at £6.00 (inclusive of VAT) per day.
    • Permits for this area are available from the Site Manager 
    • Permits are to be paid for in advance and must be returned to the Site Manager by no later than 10h00 the following working day.
    • Permits not returned will be charged as if it was used.
    • Long term (no more than 7 days at a time) hire must be paid for by 10h00 on Monday mornings.
    • Should a space not be available, contact the Site Manager for assistance.
    • Lost Permits will be replaced at a cost of £25.00
  • A Drop-off area consisting of 4 bays is available and clearly marked directly opposite the Gate House. Broken down/Accident damaged vehicles or vehicles delivered but the unit to which the vehicle is to be delivered to is closed, can be dropped off in this area after 19h00 and must be removed by no later than 10h00 the following morning.
    • Vehicles dropped off must be reported to the Site Manager.
    • A note displaying which unit the vehicle/s belongs to must be clearly and visibly displayed.
    • Unidentified vehicles/vehicles parked without authorisation, will be issued with a PCN.
    • Vehicles parked here will pay a rental fee of £6.00 (inclusive of VAT)
    • This area must be used when attending site for emergencies after 19h00.
  • UKPC will ensure that all necessary signage shall be provided and displayed prominently on the Estate.
  • A photograph of each vehicle that is issued with a PCN will be taken before the PCN is issued.
  • UKPC will deal with any dispute arising out of any PCN’s issued on the Estate following their own complaints procedure which will be advised by UKPC to any complainant upon request.
  • All Appeals are to be taken up with UKPC.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be reported to the local Council (It’s important to report abandoned vehicles as they can be dangerous and may have been used in a crime). The council will investigate whether the vehicle has been abandoned and will check to see whether it has been stolen or involved in an accident. If the vehicle has been abandoned the council will follow their procedure to have the vehicle removed from the estate. The council will also work with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to trace vehicle ownership and impose fines on people who have abandoned a vehicle.

WHEN Parking Charge Notices WILL NOT BE USED

The following vehicles shall not be issued with a PCN under any circumstances:

  1. Vehicles parked in rental parking bays between the hours of 22h00 and 05h00.
  2. Liveried vehicles being used for official business (Fire, Police, Ambulance Water Board, Gas, Electricity, Royal Mail, etc.) purposes.
  3. Drivers delivering goods or making deliveries where the driver is present.
  4. Vehicles where the driver is present with the engine running. (For up to 15 minutes only).
  5. Disabled Badge Holders


The current fees will apply:

Parking Charge                             £ 100.00

Reduced if paid within 14 days          £ 60.00


UKPC Customer Services        0870 174 0074

UKPC Credit Card Payments   0844 545 4660

Please Note: UKPC is an outside Licensed Contractor and Colvia Management Co Ltd’s Directors or Manager has no authority in regards to the procedures as enforced by UKPC. Please contact UKPC and address all parking issues with them directly on the telephone number above or write to them at; UKPC Ltd, Unit 29, 1-2 Denham Parade, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB9 4DZ